Hypnosis (Clinical Hypnotherapy) -  I began studying and then practicing hypnosis in high
school and studied with several people before finally becoming certified in Clinical
Hypnotherapy in 1983. I use Ericksonian based hypnotherapy methods. In this model the
belief is that we operate through a map or a model (a created representation) of what we
believe and see the world to be. People generally delete, distort, or generalize information
causing a problem in how they see themselves and the world they live in. When I am able to
see how clients create a representation of the world in which they live, it allows greater
speed for trance induction, deeper trances, and more success. In other words “the map is
not the territory”, so we have to discover the way a client creates their representation of
the world. If they are visual their representational system will use statements such as
“looking at, I see what you are saying, it appears, I imagine”, but if they are auditory it will
be with words like “sounds good, nice talking to you, good to hear from you”. If they are
kinesthic they will use words like “feels good, I’m in touch with it, I feel you can get a handle
on, or firmly grasp this idea”. Erickson developed the most highly skilled methods that took in
to account the person’s language, behavior, and consciousness. He was aware of the split
brain bio-lateral differences and used these to cognitively get the greatest responses. He
molded his breathing to the patients breathing and was able to enter their world. He lived
and taught in Phoenix, AZ and his foundation continues to offer trainings/seminars.

I use hypnotherapy in many different ways for many diverse issues. I also combine it with
other modalities to get an even better result and teach each person how to practice using it
on themselves. It can be effectively used to quit smoking, overeating, and for other
addictive behaviors, and it can be used to reduce pain, to increase a person’s ability to do
something, or to regress to some past memory that will be helpful in a clients personal
growth and healing.

I used self hypnosis on myself as I had a problem retaining math and had test anxiety. Even
though the smartest man in my statistics class told me I had made a mistake on my final exam
I handed in my answer and I got a 100% on the test, the highest grade in the class and would
have gotten the lowest had I not been using self hypnosis.
Susan Warren, MA, LPC, CHT
Tucson, Arizona 85718

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